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  Our IU-XL Series Inline Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are extra light, dependable, and fit where other tools cannot. The breakthrough and patented design reduces overall tool dimensions, allowing the head to fit just about every application. Our IU-XL Series feature an industry first, Multi-Axis Porting System which allows you to manually relocate the swivels from the top of the cylinder to the back of it!
  Our SU-XL Series Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are built with a lightweight unibody which reduces "side loading" and eliminates "pinch points". The completely enclosed drive-train assembly ensures that nothing goes in or out of the tool. Select models of the SU-XL Series feature a 48x48 reaction system (96 reaction positions!).
Originally designed for fast, safe and accurate tightening or loosening of gas compressor jam nuts, the JN Series Hydraulic Jam Nut Wrench has evolved to the point where it works easily and successfully on any nut that has an obstruction running through the middle of it.
Designed for subsea drilling, the RT Series Hydraulic Riser Torque Wrench is capable of extreme torque, hands free operation, and high speed make-up and break-out. Winner of the ASME Woelfel "Distinguished Innovation Award" OTC 1999!
We offer an extensive line of torque multipliers ideal for countless applications. Fast, safe, quiet, non-impacting operation all the way up to 200,000 foot pounds.
  Torq/Lite® carries a complete line of hydraulic stud tensioners for all industries and applications. For the Wind Industry, we have a number of specialty tensioners - including two hydraulic tensioner options for foundation bolts.
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