TorqLite is a one-stop industrial bolting solution manufacturer serving countless global industries.

For more than four decades, we’ve been serving industries across the World by offering the highest-quality, most innovative hydraulic torque wrenches and bolting systems available on the market. Our presence is felt on virtually every continent across the globe and our tools can be found underwater, above ground, and in every space in between.

With over twenty patents and a track-record of safety, durability and innovation, our bolting systems are trusted by some of the biggest companies across a variety of industries all around the world. We’ve created bolting systems for a variety of applications for industries that are incredibly diverse. We even offer custom tooling for uncommon applications. If you can't find a tool to fit your particular application and needs, we can design one for you.

Click below to learn about the industries we serve and how they’ve used our tools. If you can’t find a tool that fits your needs, contact us today and let us help you find the bolting system or tools right for you.


TorqLite provides bolting solutions to...